Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break in San Diego - Last Day

We had to check out of our hotel by noon so we went to the beach first thing that morning. 

The Millers joined us for the first hour in building sandcastles. 

Jake rented a surfboard so he could have a little fun with Everett and to see if he could catch a wave or two himself. 

Breckie was content on the beach. 

Up next was the boogie board. It was a little easier for Everett to stay on.  

They both had a lot of fun and I was impressed at how long Everett lasted in the water. 

We headed back to the hotel just in time to pack our room, check out, and then swim in the pool for two hours :)

Eventually we made our way back to the Fish Shop for more shrimp & chips and ceviche. We left around 3:30 and it was kind-of a rat race to get home. We stopped a few times, took the wrong exit, and ended up taking a few back roads to get home... but we made it back with lots of wet clothes, sand, and memories. 

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