Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break in San Diego - Sea World

Julia and I took the kids to Sea World the day Jake had his kite boarding lesson. It was like a dream come true for Julia... and I have to say that it actually was pretty cool. 

It was super expensive but it will be a memory that will last forever. Right away we saw little sharks, horseshoe crabs, and dolphins. 

Immediately after this picture, Rad pushed Breckie into Everett which made Rhett fall down which made Breckie cry a whole bunch. And then the dolphins came right up to us. It actually was pretty cool for even a non-animal/creature-obsessed person like me!

...but I don't think Breckie realized the miracle of it. She was too upset. 

We headed to the stadium to see a show. 

*These are the days when my belly actually sits on my lap :(

While the whales were swimming around everyone was buying $9 ponchos. We just sat behind a family with ponchos :)

They did some tricks, we learned lots of facts, and eventually we did get splashed. 

If I can remember right, this is Shamu's daughter and grandson. 

And this is just cool:

When Jake asked about how Sea World was, Everett immediately told him about the show and how we were splashed... which surprised me because we spent a decent part of the say in the Sesame Street section of the park. 

The entire show Breckie kept saying: "I want to go on rides, I really just want to go on rides."

She's my kind of girl!! So after the show, we went on the rides. 

Unfortunately they don't let pregnant peeps on any rides. 


Luckily Julia didn't mind taking my kids on the rides. 

I was slightly heartbroken that I didn't get to be the one to share their joy and excitement but Julia is essentially their other mom. 

After the rides I had to sit out again (and listen to wacky sesame street songs) while everyone else had tons of fun on the ropes, slides, air bounce etc. but I was so glad they had fun. And I'm lame and didn't get a picture of any of it... I guess I was too bummed to feel like documenting the moment!

After a while I suggested it was time to see something else :)

The sharks were pretty cool. 

We bought some ridiculously overpriced cotton candy (their only souvenir from Sea World!)

Saw some turtles...

We saw some penguins which was really cool because Everett had just been learning about them in school. 

Super cool tree:

We were headed to see a dolphin show when all 4 of the kids crapped out on us. So we called it a day and headed back to the hotel. 

And of course, we went swimming later. 

Jake had a good kite boarding lesson. The wind was kind-of choppy so they never made it out onto the water but he learned a TON on the shore so he still considered it an invaluable experience. 

Later that evening the four of us just wanted an ice cream cone so we headed to McDonalds. It was a super bad choice. It was definitely the homeless hangout in town and it was super uncomfortable. The kids decided they were hungry too so we were there much longer than expected, as soon as the food came Everett had to go pee but you had to use quarters to use the restroom and we didn't have any, and a giant political discussion broke out and I was so ready to leave. 

That experience was my least favorite of the trip. 

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