Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break in San Diego

For the first time in forever, we took a family vacation:

1. not on a work trip
2. not to see family
3. not for a wedding
4. not for a graduation
5. and just for fun

I should probably insert my disclaimer: 

1. We invited the Millers... and 3 of them came :)

We've been meaning to go to take a road trip to either Mexico or California and play on the beach and show the kids the ocean for the longest time and this spring break seemed like the best window of opportunity we'll have for a while. 

So Jake chose San Diego. He is our vacation planner. 
I just want to go on the vacation... not plan them :)

I'm super lucky Jake is our vacation planner.... BUT Jake is also super lucky I didn't mind that he chose San Diego so he could take a kite boarding lesson while he was there!

So the first Saturday morning of Spring break we played in the cool morning air while waiting for Julia, Rhett, and Rad (Jake and Beck stayed home because Beck was sick + teething) to meet us at our house. 

And then we started the 5 1/2 hour drive. 

The kids did great, nobody threw up!!!, the scenery actually wasn't too bad, and before we knew it, we were in San Diego. 

First things first... we found our hotel room and then found the Millers room...

... and then we went to check out the beach. 

It actually was kind-of cold and I can't believe they got in the water!

There was a guy sucking some stuff up and then squirting it out. Turns out he was sucking up shrimp to use as fishing bait. 

The kids were eager to swim so we took them to the pool. Thankfully it was heated. 

P.S. Jake got the kids their wetsuits on eBay for $10 each. They really came in handy!

Later that evening we went out searching for some food. We found a super delicious fish shop. Like hashtag best shrimp and chips of my life good. 

And then Jake and the kids took a picture with the blue whale and the swordfish. 

First day/night was a success... after taking 4 sleeping pills. (Hashtag insomnia is no joke). 
But really, somehow our kids were absolute angels. Maybe it was because they'd been so excited to go on this trip for weeks!

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