Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sunday Adventure

Sunday had to have been one of my favorite family days of all time. After church we decided to go and take Breckie's 3-year pictures. 

I had been scoping out some places for a while... and when we drove up to one of them it had a sign that said no photography. I was totally bummed. We stopped at a park but there was a massive birthday party going on. So we ended up at a park by Everett's old preschool. 

We took Breckie's pictures and then some of her and Everett together. They rode bikes, we played freeze tag, they played on the swings, we had snacks... and then headed home. 

On the way home, Breckie had to go to the bathroom... so we stopped at Jake's office and they each grabbed a Sprite :) On the way home I thought we could stop and look at the peach blossoms. 

On the walk out to the blossoms we saw this cute truck and took a few pictures. 

Then, to our surprise, we found the deer. I had heard about them but I'd never actually seen them on the farm... and we've been about 50 times. 

P.S. here are some pictures of my pregnant belly...

Who knew the desert could be so pretty!

We had such a fun time just walking around and enjoying the weather. On the way home, the Millers invited us to the park for dirt and worms. So we hurried home and had dinner and then met them at the park.  

It was such an enjoyable day and we got so many cute pictures of the kids. The weather was great and the kids didn't cry, we got to spend lots of quality time together, and the Millers are always fun to hang out with!

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