Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bloody-knees Trail

 Jake was helping Jake (Miller) with a home project Saturday morning so I joined Julia and her friend on a "hike". 

I knew before we even started that it'd be murderously disastrous, but sometimes as a mom, you just have to do the dirty jobs. 

About a third of the way through the trail Breckie fell for the first time. It was the first of SEVEN times!!! And each of the 6 kids needed a stick... or two just to be happy. And snacks. 

We managed to get two-thirds of the way through the trail before Everett tripped and fell and scraped up both knees pretty bad. We all felt pretty bad for him because he was a bloody mess. 

When we completed the loop, we went to see the desert creatures. Yuck. 

The kids were in poor spirits from falling so much, so I took them to QT to pick out a slushy and a snack. "Q-tip" can fix just about anything!

They were smiling before we even walked in the doors! 

Really though, I'm actually pretty proud of both of them. That's a LONG way for a 3-year-old to walk and Everett was super tough after the initial tears. 

The next morning while sitting quietly at church, Everett wrote about his hike:

"I was at the mountains. I hurt(ed) my knee. I couldn't walk it was hurting so bad. There was blood. I was crying it hurt(ed) so so so so so bad."

Even though I knew it would be work to take the kids on a hike at 35 weeks pregnant, I still would have gone rather than stay home. I hate staying home and doing nothing! 5 more weeks seems like an eternity already so the more I can keep busy, the better. 

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