Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dunes Trip- Coral Pink

A week after we got back from San Diego, Jake left for his annual dunes/guy trip. This year they went to the Coral Pink sand dunes. It's right on the Arizona/Utah state line which was pretty convenient since Jake and Kevin came from AZ and Sean and Adam drove from Salt Lake. 

They stayed in a cute little VRBO right in town. 

It's always hard when Jake leaves and his timing lately has been so terrible! During Fall break he was in Kentucky and for Spring break he was on his dunes trip. It makes for extra LOOOOOONG days... especially when you're growing a baby!

So I did give him a hard time. Especially because he works all of the time too. BUT I told him he had to:
1. wear sunscreen and 
2. take pictures 

Thankfully he did both.

And he (obviously) had tons of fun. Jake is really lucky too... because we sold our quads last year but they brought an extra one just for him. 

Even though I give him a hard time for always being gone, I have to say that Jake is so supportive of whatever I want to do and is always trying to get me to plan a girls getaway. So I'm thinking Julia and I might have to go to Disneyland next February or something... when Jake can stay home and be Mr. Mom to our three babies. 

But until then I'll just be happy at least one of us gets to get out and have all the fun!

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