Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hospital Stay & Coming Home

Our hospital stay was essentially great... but now I understand home births a little more. I was ready to go home the whole time!

Maybe its just because this was my third rodeo, but after we were declared healthy I was ready to be alone and in my own bed... although there is something to be said about a bed that sits you up with the push of a button!

At 9:00 Jake brought the kids to see Roxy and Nicole came back to take a few pictures of us. After that, he took Everett to school and spent the day with Breckie while I snuggled Roxy. 

Late that afternoon Jake came back while the kids went to IHOP with the Millers and spent the evening with them. 

I decided that Jake better just go home and sleep with the kids because I'd be fine without him and at least one of us should get some real sleep. That night Roxy gave me some troubles and the nurses were in and out all night to check our 24 hour vitals and stuff. So we didn't sleep but maybe an hour all night. 

By now the after-baby and nursing "contractions" were in full force. It felt like I had another baby in there waiting to come out!

Jake brought the kids again in the morning before school. Everett really loves Roxy a lot... Beckie still hasn't touched her and it's been almost a week already!

 The rest of the day I tried to rest, do skin-to-skin to help my milk come in, and wait patiently to get everything we needed to done so we could go home. Everett's kindergarten graduation was that night and I didn't want to miss it. 

The food was good, my favorite was the Mediterranean salmon. I had it twice :)

Finally around 3:00 on Friday we were able to come home. 

My friends, Angela and Jennifer, had decorated our front porch and Jake had flowers on the counter for me! I feel so lucky to have such thoughtful people in my life. And this picture is like gold to me... that's the best smile Breckie's ever given!

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