Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Roxy's Birth Story

I really love Roxy's birth story. It's so fun to tell and think about. 

There are so so so many details about this pregnancy that I have yet to document... but maybe soon I'll get to tell them. Wednesday night (May 18th) right after 9 pm contractions started. I started timing them and by 9:45 I decided I better jump in the shower and get ready to have this baby. 

I was so excited. My due date was May 21st and I was desperate to get her out early and if she came on May 19th it would be extra special because that was the day Jake proposed to me 10 years earlier!

Jake was in the garage working on his truck this whole time so at 10:30 I went downstairs (all pretty and ready for a date) and told him he better shower because we were going to have a baby!

I continued to time my contractions. I really didn't want to get to the hospital and have them send me home. My last appointment had been on Tuesday (the 17th) and I was still only at a 2. 

The contractions were super painful and varied in length between 30 seconds and a minute and most of them were only 3 minutes apart... with a 10 and 15 minutes exception. So we called Julia and asked her to spend the night.

We got to the hospital at 11:45. 

When we got to the labor and delivery wing they had me change and hooked me up to the monitors to see if I was in labor. By then I was having full minute contractions 2-3 minutes apart. I was dying on the inside and asked how long it would be until I could get an epidural. 

I knew what it was like to have a baby naturally and I wasn't sure I could (or would want) to do it again. After about 20 minutes of monitoring and checking to see my progress (I was dilated to a 5) we were admitted into our delivery room. 

Later, everyone admitted that they didn't think I was actually in labor. 

Again I asked how long until I could get an epidural and she said we had to do blood work and get a liter of IV fluid in me first. I still was super calm but seriously dying inside. From my previous (and very different) labors I could tell that this one would be much faster. 

I wanted Jake to call Nicole (our friend and birth photographer) but they hadn't checked me yet and I didn't want her to have to wait there all night until she was born. They had notified the doctor that I was in the hospital and in labor, but that was pretty much it. 

When the IV was only about half gone I started to transition. From Breckie's natural birth experience I knew I was transitioning and told them the contractions were super bad and that she was going to be born soon. The contractions were one on top of the next with hardly a break. 

I am a very quiet/closed person and don't like to be bossy or high maintenance and I was trying to stay calm too, but I really did feel like I was MAXED out on pain and I wasn't going to last much longer... luckily the IV went in me fast and the epidural man came just in time. 

Literally just in time.

I think this is where it's hard for me to draw the line between "did you have her all natural?" and not. After telling me I could be paralyzed or die and signing the paper, I was sure the baby was seconds away from being born. 

They wanted me to sit up so he could give me the epidural but the contractions were debilitating and I hardly had a second between contractions to move.

After sitting up, I held on to a pillow and squeezed the life out of Jake's hand so I wouldn't move and paralyze myself. I remember Jake holding my foot and the only words I could get out were "call Nicole, she (the baby)'s coming!!" and then it was like deja vu to Breckie's birth. 

I'm sure I said something to the effect of "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, she's coming, SHE'S COMING!!!" and my body was 'convulsing' her out. If you've had a natural birth then you know what I mean. The sound of pain was just coming out of my mouth... I had no control over it.

Then it's like everyone finally believed me!

They emergency called the doctor, the nurse was telling me "do everything you can NOT to push!!!" and the guy giving me the epidural said he was still in the middle of giving me my 3 minute trial epidural...

The nurses were rushing in tables and supplies and everyone was getting ready for me to deliver. 

Luckily, somehow, she stayed inside until the 3 minutes were up and the epidural made it to where I could hold back the need to push during the contractions. My delivery nurse (Melissa- mother of 4 year-old triplets) told me "the only thing holding that baby in is your bag of water."

This was all at 1:20 am

By a miracle sent from heaven, Nicole and my doctor made it there at 1:40. Nicole snapped a few pictures...

...the doctor had me put my legs in the stirrups and asked me to scoot down and that's when my water broke and everyone laughed and said, "well there's her head... and she has hair!"

There was a light above the delivery bed (that was off) and I could see my reflection in the glass that covered it. It was really cool/weird to see something so beautiful... I'm just glad the one and only birth I've ever seen was one of my own :)

Dr. Ossanna said "okay, give me just a little push"

It was so funny to me that I literally had to work for hours and hours to push out Everett, Breckie was still 45 minutes of hard-core pushing while my body was convulsing her out, and here we are laughing because I was smiling while "pushing" Roxy out. 

I felt her head come out and the doctor said "good, just one more push" and I felt the rest of her body come out and just like that our little miracle baby was born at 1:49 am. It was un-real. 

They put her up on my chest right away and it was amazing. Literally the best feelings ever. 

*Jake is recording her cry

She got to stay and hang out on me for a while before they measured and weighed her. 

She was perfect. Just perfect. 

I got to snuggle her and I nursed her for an entire 30 minutes before she passed out. 

Nicole's pictures tell the rest of the story so well. 

*This is the only picture I asked her to take. All of the other ones are totally candid. She's the best!

After a while we moved to our recovery room. By then it was nearly 5 am. 


  1. Love!!! Funny you mention you smiling while pushing her put cause when I first saw these pics on fb I chuckled a bit and said she must have gotten her epidural in time for this part. So glad she is here and 3 time was a charm and it was quick for you!

  2. Yes your facial expressions are so different from when you had breckie :) she is beautiful and even though I'm 99.9% glad I'm done with babies, reading this makes my uterus just a little bit sad there will be no more babies in there. Enjoy your sweet baby!