Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Spring Spectacular

Everett goes to a really great school. And there is always something going on, something to volunteer for, and something to fundraise for so you kind-of have to pick and choose what you do because you can't do it all!

We decided to do/go to the Spring Spectacular. It was a fundraising event but there was also lots of fun to be had. It was at Schnepf Farms (where we go all of the time) but this time the rides would be open!!

The kids had a blast. Like they thought it was Disneyland cool. 

The highlight, without a doubt, was the rollercoaster. They waited in line for at least half an hour but Jake said it was WELL worth it. 

Rhett and Everett ended up in the first seat and Everett said it was so scary and so cool. It was his first roller coaster experience ever. Breckie and Jake were a few seats back and Jake said Breckie's eyes were just as wide as they could possibly be and she was "whoo-hooing" and happy screaming the entire ride. 

I SO wish I could have experienced it first hand, but I'm confident I'll get to have my fun with our kids on rides soon enough.

We also jumped on the air pillow and visited the petting zoo before making our way back to the carousel for our last ride. 

It was such a fun night and the kids had a blast. 

They must have exhausted their adrenaline supply because the next morning they both slept in a solid 45 minutes later that they normally do.  

I'm not sure it we'll ever get out of going to this event because I think they'll both remember it for a long time!

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