Monday, May 9, 2016

Super Happy Mothers Day

That little bubble-bearded boy made my mothers day so special and funny this year. My very first gift of many was a mother day questionnaire (that he did in speech therapy). Number 1 and 6 were the most hilarious with number 3 not far behind. Number 2 and 4 are 100% correct :)

He also made me a bouquet of hand flowers with things he loves about me written on them. And the fact that he traced and cut out his own hand is pretty impressive. 

The second questionnaire was filled out in his kindergarten class. Again, I laughed at how he thinks I'm really good at having a baby. And I love that my purse is full of money and snacks!! I thought he did a fantastic job coloring the questionnaire too. 

The third questionnaire was from church and by then he realized that I'm not good at having babies and that I actually dislike it :) I adore how he spelled my name, that I cook a mean peanut butter and jelly, and the last answer is by far the best. 

Breckie's answers are adorable and made me feel pretty good. And again, I'm so amazing at making cereal! Their answers make me feel like I'm actually going a good job :)

I really do love being a mom and I wish that blessing was granted to every woman who wanted it. I can't imagine life without my kids and it pains me to know that some women never get the same opportunities. 

Even though it's hard to be a mom (and extra hard to be pregnant) I am so grateful to be able to mother my kids. And grateful to Jake that I'm able to stay home with them. 

And I kind-of dropped the ball on that "picture with your kids" thing your supposed to do on mothers day... but I have many more mothers days in my future to make up for it :)

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  1. His comments about the having a baby are cracking me up!