Thursday, May 12, 2016

The New Nursery

It took a while, but the nursery is finally done. 

It started as the upstairs loft (which was the playloft). 

We had a few options with this room, which is always good and bad. Where to put the door, which way it should swing, where exactly to build the wall, etc.

We re-used the door from the new playroom downstairs so that limited our options and we wanted the hallway not to feel small and narrow (and the opening at the other end to look symmetrical) so that settled most of our options. 

Once the drywall was up we decided not to texture it, but to do faux bricks (which I love love love!).

It took months of deciding on paint and decorations and colors and everything... but I super love this room (a whole bunch!). 

I got in the habit of leaving all tags and corner protectors on everything because I changed my mind and re-arranged a time or two... so the corner protectors are actually still on those pictures, lol! 

The room was a lot of work. I painted the crib, dresser, shelves, and nightstand all to be the same white. I'm not very good at taking pictures of rooms but just imagine it's double this pretty in real life... because it is! 

I know it's kind-of a white explosion... but thats how I roll, I guess. I tried (super hard) to use other colors and fabrics and decorate outside of the "white box" but it just isn't me. 

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