Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Week Before

May 11th: Breckie plays at Princess Hannah's house. Cutest. Thing. Ever!!

May 12th: Operation 'get this baby out!' Walking every morning before it gets too hot. 

May 13th: Met with friends at the park before school. 

Breckie makes cupcakes to decorate. Just for fun. 

May 14th: Saturday morning splash pad while Jake gets things done. 

Fairy princess Breckie playing with Dad's tools. 

May 15th: Breckie falls asleep while coloring/watching a movie/snuggling with Dad. 

May 17th: 3 year check up. She was super unfriendly to the pediatrician. But I did her hair that day so when we took it out at night it was super cute and curly. 

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