Wednesday, June 1, 2016

First Two Weeks

It's been nearly two weeks and yesterday was the first real day I've even had alone with all three kids (and somehow they all napped at the same time. Everett had his first day of swimming lessons and they obviously wore him out and Breckie fell asleep watching a show).

We brought Roxy home on a Friday afternoon and then Jake stayed home for the weekend. My Dad came Sunday evening and stayed until Wednesday morning. 

He and Breckie became good buddies (Everett still had school). 

Friends from church brought us dinner for three nights... 

...and then my mom, Bridget, and Braxton got here Wednesday evening and my mom cooked for us every night. We've totally been spoiled. 

I've been able to take it eeeeasy and just stare at this little face all day:

I'm trying my best at nursing Roxy. Nursing isn't my favorite but I know it has it's benefits... so I have very low expectations on my appearance until further notice :) 

Nursing her also means that I've been living in a fog of sleep deprivation since Jake obviously can't feed her and because of my inability to take naps. 

My recovery has been good. I've been able to get out and go for walks as long as I don't go too far. Sometimes it feels like my insides are still trying to figure out where they go. I've also been getting a lot of headaches, and my neck and back really hurt... I'm assuming because of nursing and staring down at Roxy. 

My depression happens in reverse... I experience it during my pregnancy, not afterwards. I've only had one real day when I just couldn't stop the tears. And as long as I avoid mirrors and trying on my old clothes, I'm ok :) I have to remind myself that eventually I might get my body back! 

I've always wanted three kids and I'm so happy that I finally have them all! (Not that I'm collecting them!)

I feel complete now and I'm happy to have pregnancy be a thing of the past. 

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