Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Library Adventures

We go to the library somewhat frequently. The first stop is always the movies. Beckie always picks out a movie and never watches it. It's kind-of funny but always makes me nervous for the $2/day overdue charges. 

Now that Everett can read, he just sat down and started reading. So Breckie read a book too. It's so cute to hear her read a book and make up songs to sing. 

After we picked out a weeks worth of bedtime stories, hoped on the lily pads, and fought over who got to scan which books... 

... we stopped in the little lounge area so I could feed and change Roxy. There were some vending machines and when Everett walked by one of them it just started spitting out change! It was so strange but fantastic. 

He was so sweet and let Breckie pick something out. It was a fun little surprise to keep the kids busy. 

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