Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summer Regional #4

This year for the Edward Jones Summer Regional we went to The Westin- La Paloma in Tucson. We went there our very first year and it was great. 

The last two years we've paid to stay a day early (because Jake usually has a 2pm meeting and check-in isn't until 4pm) but we decided to make the trip as short as possible because we have a newborn. In fact, we weren't even sure if we'd make it at all. 

But all 5 of us made it. 

(In the golf cart that took us to our room)

Room 290

Thursday night, after the welcome meeting and dinner, they had bounce houses for the kids. They loved it and were so sweaty and tired when the night was over. It was fantastic. 

I felt like a celebrity with Roxy. Everyone wanted to see her. 

Friday morning I took the kids to breakfast because Jake was already at a meeting. I felt like a boss making it to breakfast and the spouses meeting on time with all 3 kids! BAM!! But I didn't shower so I'm not sure how much of a 'win' it actually was :)

(some cool bug Julia found)

Friday afternoon we went swimming. 

(Jake rubbing on sunscreen. Breckie doesn't give REAL smiles very often!)

I'm so glad Everett learned to swim earlier this Summer so he could go down the slide by himself!

We were all at the pool for a few minutes but it was too hot for Roxy so I took her back to the room. I tried to take a nap (because I had Roxy duty the night before) but I couldn't sleep and I just felt left out of the fun. And I felt like a white whale with a farmers tan compared to everyone else. 

Friday night we had dinner outside which was super nice. 

There was face painting and a photo booth. 

Breckie was so cute because she's always pretending she's a kitty and "meow-ing" so just put the cutest little meow to this adorable face!

Saturday we made it to breakfast again and then decided to go to the pool before it got too hot. We were there from 9:30-12:30 and we had a good time. Roxy laid on a pool chair under the shade and I kept a little wet towel on her the whole time. Plus, we found a kid pool so it was super convienient. 

(Breckie found a Mickey Mouse cactus)

Breckie was being hilarious... I think the emoji faces were inspired by her :)

Saturday night was the big night. Jake and I got to drop the kids off a half an hour early and go to a "champagne" toast (about half of the people don't drink so they had sparkling apple cider) for all of the level leaders. Jake has been a level 1 leader for a while now, so that was pretty sweet. 

Being 5 weeks postpartum my dress choices were super limited. Then at this fancy toast with all of the important people, I told one guy he looked like Dick Van Dyke from Marry Poppins (his suit literally could have been identical to the one in the movie) and then regional leader's wife had this super cute yellow ruffle-y dress (a shorter version of Belle's dress) and I told her she looked like a princess (LOL!!!) So hopefully they both took it as a compliment and will forgive me for my sleep-deprived comments!

(Jake Miller and Luke Murray)

(My friends Julia and Lindsay Murray)

Dinner was good and our dinner company was even better!

(Trask (pictured above) and Luke Murray were both legacies out of Jake's office)

The awards ceremony was hilarious and afterwards we got to chat with a few new friends. 

Sunday morning was a breakfast buffet nightmare followed by packing and one last trip to the pool. 

Breckie got to go down the slide with Jake and Everett went a few last times before we had to checkout. 

I'm glad we made it although this was definitely the least convenient year of Summer Regionals. Plus AIG gave all the advisors a selfie stick... wouldn't have wanted to miss that ;)

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