Friday, July 22, 2016

4th Of July Parade

Do I love the 4th of July?

Am I a sucker for a small town parade?
You bet. 

Am I madly in love with this family and a good family picture?

So it's safe to say that this picture screams happiness to me. I'll even embrace Jake's nerdy socks and shoes and my giant, death-grip hand holding Roxy! It's perfect, JUST PERFECT!!

*the people in the house behind us had a little dog named Roxy :)

Just like last year, we were spoiled. Tim went early and set up chairs for us in the shade again. 

The parade was fun. We even got candy, popsicles, flags, and water!

The best part was seeing Bridget and her dance team!

She's the farthest one on the right. And my mom (one of the coaches) is walking and Tim is driving (he even managed to squirt us!)

After the parade we had shaved ice, turkey legs, smoked brats, and kettle corn. 

I love going home for the 4th. 

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