Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cabin In Payson

I'm not really known for my decisiveness and strong opinions. 
In fact, I battle indecision on a daily basis.
It's not my favorite thing about myself. 

So when given 3 options to spend time in July, I just couldn't choose. 
Options: Weekend with friends in Payson, 4th of July in Colorado, Effie's missionary homecoming. 
Eventually I decided to make all three work because I wanted to do all three. 

We were invited to spend the weekend with friends and their family at their cabin in Payson. I'm super, super glad we accepted the offer because we had a great time. 

We got their Friday evening (July 1st). The next morning we had just missed the community parade. The parade-loving old lady in me was crushed... but we got to see some of the golf cart floats, so it was okay :)

We spent some time at the pool...

...and the kids were livin' the life! Cotton candy and all.

We enjoyed deer sightings left and right, pretty mountain views, and super good food and company all weekend. 

Saturday night Roxy was extra fussy (and hadn't been eating well at all) so we went out on a walk and watched the sun go down. 

Sunday morning we all made it to church (where Breckie threw an epic fit for over an hour (in the car/parking lot)... which was super embarrassing because she was kind-of naughty all weekend). 

After church we spent some time talking with the family, packing, and then we were eventually Colorado-bound by 2 pm. 

They sent us with soda and oreos and snacks... we were definitely spoiled that weekend! Fingers are crossed we'll make it back sometime in the future :)

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