Monday, July 25, 2016


Wednesday morning Jake's vacation was over. He flew back home, showered, and was to work by 9 am! 

I, on the other hand, got to enjoy a 8 mile bike ride out in the country. 

Later we went to the library and found Legos, trains, cars, friends, and a few funny warning signs. 

Every once in a while you need a day to just lay around... Roxy was doing her best :)

It stays light a lot later in Colorado, so we had plenty of time in the evenings to play.

The dirt mound in the garden and the nanking cherries were always a big hit.

Roxy had been crying for several hours each night before bed and this night it just seemed to go on forever. We went on a walk to try and get her to chill out. 

This is when Everett learned how to make a skid mark! Now he does it all the time on the sidewalk :)

It was nice to be somewhere where you could go outside and not melt. We were happy to be in Colorado!

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