Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fireworks in Silverton

After the parade, we packed some things and made our way to Silverton for the amazing fireworks show.

 This was a big motivator to make the road trip to Colorado for the 4th... the fireworks in Silverton!

I was nervous to go to Colorado in general because both kids were acting funny last year and I kind-of thought they might have gotten altitude sickness. But luckily no one got sick and Roxy didn't even cry at almost 11,000 feet on the way to Silverton!

* The little town of Silverton

*Breckie and her new friend

It had rained on our drive there and once we got there, it was cold! Like, Winter-night-in-AZ cold. After a while, we ate the dinner my mom had packed and went on a hunt for some ice cream. 

Everett had Superman ice cream and Breckie had bubblegum... which is actually one of my favorites :)

We spent a little time walking around, waiting for it to get dark. 

Breckie was given a sparkler from her friend and that was almost the highlight of the firework show!

Something changed with the people who set the fireworks off, so they were in a different end of town this year. It was a serious bummer. You can see our view of the fireworks in the middle picture below. It was nothing compared to last year. 

We actually packed up and left after about 5-10 minutes. All 3 kids were a little whiny so we left for home. The ironic part was that our view was way better driving away from the fireworks than it was in town. If we're lucky, they'll change it back to the way it was the years before!

Last year:

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