Wednesday, July 20, 2016

First Day of the 1st Grade

Summer went by much faster than expected... which is great because that means we weren't bored!

In fact, we got back from vacation just in time to meet his teacher, buy school supplies, and take a few pictures. 

They make quite the trio :)

Everett the first grader. 

Everett was probably equal parts excited and nervous. Excited to go through the double gates and eat lunch outside... nervous for a new class, new friends, and a new teacher. 

These two aren't in the same class anymore (there are ten 1st grade classes!!!) but they're real-life neighbors now so I think they'll survive :)

Their friendship has been fun to watch. They are so so so opposite in what seems to be every way. But it works!

We took pictures the night before school because we knew it'd be crazy in the morning. 1st grade for these two starts 4 hours earlier than kindergarten did. I snapped a quick picture before he went in the gates. 

Lucky for me, a friend and I each have boys in the same class so she snapped a few pictures of Everett and sent them to me!

After school he seemed exhausted and he kept telling me 1st grade was hard. We went to Freddy's to celebrate and hopefully create happy memories associated with 1st grade. Plus, it's tradition :)

He was super sweaty and tired when I picked him up. It didn't really help that I was the LAST van in the car pool lane. He said he almost started to cry. He also said that he wanted to cry when they first got into their classroom but didn't because another girl was crying and kept yelling that she wanted her mom.... glad Everett's learning how to control his emotions a little :)

I'm really excited to witness his growth in the first grade. He absolutely blew me away last year and I have high hopes for this year!

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