Sunday, July 31, 2016

RMCF, Fish Hatchery, Effie Comes Home

After seeing how much we love the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, my friend Vicki invited us to take a tour of the factory. It was pretty awesome because all of the chocolate sold in all of the stores is made there and we got to see how it was made!

We got to look all goofy in our hairnets, no jewelry, and tennis shoes but we got free chocolate samples so it was worth it :)

We didn't get to take any pictures in the factory, but it was cool. And Vicki gave the kids some gold coins and I ate as much sample english toffee as was socially acceptable on one tour :)

P.S. Josh carried Roxy's carseat the whole time :)

Then we were off to the fish hatchery... where Breckie threw a quarter into the water and Josh reached in and grabbed a fish!

Bridget made some cool signs for the airport... because Effie flew in later that day. 

5 families came to welcome her home...

...and I think the most excited person was Everett. He had been waiting so long for his Aunt Effie!

Everett is one of two special boys in her life.... the other is Josh... whom she will marry in 6 days!

Effie made the perfect missionary and her e-mails were flawless. She touched so many hearts and strengthened countless testimonies and loved the people of Oakland. 

I think we're all glad she came home in one piece :)

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