Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Anniversary in Mexico

Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky.

Super last minute, Jake asked his parents if they wanted to fly to AZ to spend time with our kids so we could go to Mexico for our anniversary. 

His Dad had a high adventure to go on so his Mom and sister came instead and we drove to Mexico for a few days. 

The drive to Mexico wasn't too bad... but once we got into Mexico, it was MEXICO. I had been to Puerto Penasco twice before (when I was 14-15ish) and it was exactly how I remember it. 

We got into town and had to check in at the rental agency. A young mother and her new baby (younger than Roxy) were asking for money. My heart broke, then broke again, and shattered into a thousand pieces. I literally couldn't shake it for an entire day. I just felt so bad. 

Jake had served his mission in Costa Rica and wasn't as affected by it. 

We eventually made it to the condos but I couldn't stop thinking about that baby. 

We pretty much dropped our bags in our room and then went to the beach...

...so Jake could fly his kite.

After a terribly unsuccessful kite flying session, we headed downtown for some food, culture and entertainment. 

It ended up being crowded, stinky, loud, and uncomfortable. I was a little bit ready to pack up and head home. But we ended up eating some decent food in a non-crowded restaurant with a nice view of the sunset. And the most ironic thing was that it was super windy and there was virtually zero wind when we were trying to fly the kite earlier.  

I was still sad about the amount of poverty in town. I had been expecting it, but that little baby was etched into my memory. I couldn't forget about it! I didn't expect to be so affected by it. Jake and I talked a lot about it, the people, and the culture. I started to feel a little better about it (plus the mom and baby had clean clothes, looked completely healthy, and knew where to ask for money) so I almost went to bed carefree and happy to be in Mexico. 

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