Thursday, August 4, 2016

Downtown Durango

Effie went with Josh and his family to Navajo Lake so the rest of us decided to go Downtown one last time. It was fun to take Jake back to do the fun things we'd been doing while he was home working. 

We took him to the train museum. 

Some old guy carved this tiny town out of wood. Took him 6 years using a pocket knife!

It's probably not possible to take a trip downtown and not stop at the chocolate factory. They were doing this thing where if you bought a pound of fudge, they'd send a pound to the troops overseas. So  hopefully we made a couple soldiers happy :)

Is it bad that I wanted one of everything?!

The kids wanted one of everything too.

Breckie was pretty happy about her sprinkle pretzel rod...

We also went into Fuzzywigs and then Breckie dashed into a shop when she saw these ponies. 

We skipped rocks, floated, and played in the river for a bit. Everett even got a few rocks to skip. 

A few minutes after we got home Josh's family came over for a BBQ. I'm pretty sure the kids had a blast playing foosball in the basement, stealing popsicles from the garage freezer, and playing sardines as it got dark. 

And the rest of us had a good time talking with Troy (Josh's brother) He's one funny dude. And now Jake and I are looking forward to visiting Josh's family in the future so Jake can shoot coyotes from their airplane. Plus they're only a few hours from Yellowstone. They lived in Alaska for several years as well and Josh has promised to be our tour guide when we make it up there someday. 

I hope I live a long time because there are way too many adventures I still need to go on!

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