Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I wanted to name her Goldie. 

But Jake gave me the biggest NO of all time. Honestly, he wouldn't even consider considering it. 

I still like the name (a lot) and wish (so badly) he would have considered it.

Then, she was going to be Ellie. 

Ellie Adelaide or Ellie Adelyn. 

But then I was hearing it EVERYWHERE. The library, target, at the park... then I realized it was just as popular as Sofia, Olivia, Charlotte, Emma, Ava, Madison, etc. 

Thats when she became Roxy. (We got it from a friend who wanted to name her daughter Roxy (3 years prior) but then decided on Zion instead.) For a few minutes we were going to spell it Roxxi but decided we couldn't be that cool. 

Of course I love her name (obviously!) but its also fun to remember who she almost was going to be. 

Jake was going to be Ashton and I'm pretty sure I was going to be James or some other boy name since I was supposed to be a boy :) In fact, my hospital bracelet says male. 

I guess not very many women can tell that story... except maybe Caitlyn Jenner.

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