Thursday, August 18, 2016

Last Day in Mexico

Our last day in Mexico was the easiest. 

With a view like this, what could be better?

Wait, now it's better :)

Our last morning we swam one last time and enjoyed the pool to ourselves. It's kind-of hard to just hang out in the pool forever when you don't have kids to throw in the air or throw pennies for them to dive for. We almost had to get used to not having kids. We did miss them and are so grateful that we have them!!

But it WAS super fun to hang out just the two of us!! 

We drove through town to the grocery store to pick up some extra water for the drive home. We had watched an edited version of 127 Hours (the movie where the guy cuts his arm off) and decided that we better have extra water driving through the desert :)

Going to the grocery store was one of the highlights of the trip for me! Everything was so colorful!

We ended up buying lots of cookies, chocolate, nuts, and drinks to share with the family back home but we ended up opening up half of it on the way. I opened the vanilla wafers and found a little bug in there :)

Once I got used to Mexico and the people, I had a lot of fun. It's (obviously!) a different country and culture and it's safe to say that I went through a little shock and it pulled at my heart strings a lot more than I expected. I had been there before, but going back as an adult was very different. 

Once we got back into Arizona, and especially once we drove through the first Arizona town, it was like everything was so new and nice and clean... even though on the way to Mexico it seemed a little run down!

I have ALWAYS been grateful to be an American, but more so now than ever before!

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