Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mineral Pond- THE FISH

Friday we went back to the mineral pond to show Jake how cool it was. 

The water was so clean and clear. 

In fact, it was so clear that Tim saw a giant fish and pointed it out to Jake. So Jake paddled over there, whacked it with his paddle, and then grabbed it right out of the water!!!

Seriously! There is not one part of that story that was made up. Plus, it was the biggest fish Jake has ever caught. And it was practically with his bare hands!

Roxy was perfectly happy just hanging out on shore again. 

Just practicing her modeling...

...she must take after her dad :)

And here's our super fantastically-awkward and hilarious family pic!

When we got home from our wild adventure, Jake gutted the prize catch and Everett's reaction was priceless... 

...he definitely takes after me :)

That day made for some great memories and stories and a tasty breakfast the next morning!

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