Monday, August 22, 2016

Open Gym

Jake had a boy scout "campout" last weekend which consisted of them going to someones lakehouse and working on their water sports badge. When do the young women get to work on their water sports "badge" or go on waterfall hikes or high adventures or go on campouts every month??! Its a bunch or bologna if you ask me!

So while Jake was gone we went to Freddy's. 

And then open gym. 

Actually, Julia took us because she had passes. The kids love it but it gives me anxiety! (so many kids running wild everywhere...)

Breckie had a meltdown on the way home and I wanted to toss her out of the car. #thejoysofmotherhood

The good news is that I forgot to turn the monitor up while Jake was gone and then next morning Roxy was sucking on her thumb. It's SO adorable... and I only kind-of feel bad she probably cried a bunch that night. Oh well, life goes on!

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