Saturday, August 20, 2016

Salt River Swimming

When we got back from Mexico we took Pam and April to the river so they could experience at least one beautiful thing about AZ in the Summer :)

We were there a few minutes before the sun went behind the mountains and it was so pretty. There were even wild horses. 

We walked up and floated down a little part of the river a few times but mostly enjoyed being outside without melting!

Everett really wanted to climb the big rock out in the river, and with a lot of supervision, he did it and was so proud of himself!

I think everyone enjoyed the river... they were probably just so happy to get out of the house!

We're so grateful/thankful/happy that Pam and April came to AZ to spend time with our kids and let us go on a trip. April even missed her first wedding anniversary to help us out! Hopefully next time they can come in February or March before it's too hot :)

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