Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Bar-D... A Family Tradition

I hope we always get to go to the Bar-D before leaving CO. It's so fun for me. I can still remember the years my grandparents would get a shoutout for their wedding anniversary... and my grandpa has been gone for almost ten years now. 

Everett continued to be Effie and Josh's third wheel, so Breckie and Jake had a lot of fun playing. 

The horse merry-go-round was a big hit.

The swings were pretty legit too!

We barely made it into the shops and completely missed the train, but theres always next year :)

(*found these sweet picture on my camera :)

Dinner was just as good as I always remember (and Everett discovered that he DOES like applesauce, after all :) A few of the songs had us laughing pretty good but the real delight (for me) was watching Breckie dance. It was perfect... until she fell and cried for ever. 

Roxy hung out with Josh's family for the duration of the show. It was a pretty sweet arrangement! They got to hold a cute, little baby and Jake and I almost felt like we were on a date (because Everett was still hangin' with Josh and Effie). 

Until next year...

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