Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Day In My Life

September 13th. 

Mountain biking. 6:11 am

6:22 am

Riding scooters with a friend + petting neighborhood cats 8:31 am

Playing toys with Breckie 12:51 pm

Playing toys with Roxy 2:20 pm

Picking up the boys (Everett + Rhett) from school and going to the park on a treasure of a cloudy day. Still wicked hot! 3:24 pm

Enjoying these kids. All the time. 

Not pictured: homework (pouting & whining), cooking dinner (chaos), bedtime (ugh. worst time of my life). 

Bonus: the night before and the next morning. 

Everyday is a little different (thank goodness!) but the structure stays much the same :)

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