Sunday, September 11, 2016

Breckie's 3.5 Pictures

These pictures will forever be a reminder of how much Jake loves me. 

I've been looking forward to taking Breckie's 3.5 year old pictures for a while now. She's so fun and beautiful and I couldn't wait to capture some of it. 

Once I got the whole family ready, picked up Jake from work, and drove to the Salt River I was ready to throw my camera (and myself in the river). 

I wondered why I even went through so much trouble to document my children's growth, personality, and beauty. Why I suffered so much to have this hobby!

  After school Everett had complained about doing his homework for 40 whole minutes before we even got into the car, complained about how far the river was, it was hot, Roxy had cried all day, Breckie had fallen asleep on the way and woke up not in the mood for pictures...

The first picture I took of Breckie is a sad, pouty face.  

But Jake saved the day, made Breckie happy (they were searching for ants to smash!) and I was able to take some of my favorite pictures of Breckie :)

She's funny and goofy, her giggle will melt your heart, tolerates having a big brother, she's strong and athletic but girly and likes to play princesses with her girl friends. 

She is fun and happy and sometimes super naughty. If you're going somewhere, she wants to come with :)

She's everything a 3.5 year old little girl should be. 

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