Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sneezy and Snooty

I spent all last week blowing my nose. 

Ugh, the sneezing!
It was like I was achooing my tonsils out. 
And it felt like sand was coming from my lungs out my mouth.

But prior to all that I went mountain biking Monday morning. 

We all share the same trails. The horse riders are generally the least friendly... and women in general aren't incredibly friendly... so I may have thought a few curse words in my head when I slowed WAY down, moved WAAAY to the edge of the trail, and said good morning as I passed 3 women on  horseback and they didn't even acknowledge me. Not a word, head nod, wave... nothin'. 

Sometimes I am dumbfounded at how unfriendly middle-aged women can be. 

But I turn 30 in a few weeks so maybe then I will understand ;)

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