Monday, September 5, 2016

Laborious Labor Day

I lost sleep last night and I woke up before my alarm clock this morning because I was so excited for my road bike ride. 

I've been going mountain biking lately and thought that Labor day would be an especially great time for my first road ride (less work commute traffic). My last road ride was the tour de Ted in October. I was pregnant and nauseous and hot and considered falling over and dying. 

I should probably find a group to ride with, but for convenience purposes, you can't really beat riding alone. I didn't track my miles but I'm guessing it was around 20-25. I took a pit stop in a church parking lot across from some cotton fields and ate a snack so I could make it home. 

I left as soon as the sun came up at 6 and got home right after 8. It was 70 degrees and rising. I didn't die or fall over... although I was close to falling over once (when I was stopped, of course) but I clipped my foot out last second and only sustained a small injury. 

I'm feeling extra grateful for a healthy body, pretty scenery, and less scorching weather today!

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