Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nauseous About Fall

I was in the garage and a Fall wreath caught my eye. So I got it and the box of "Fall decorations" out of storage. 

I asked Breckie if she wanted to help me decorate for Fall and she asked me what Fall was. I had to explain to her that the rest of the United States gets to see the leaves on the trees change colors and the weather start to get cold... 

For the past 5 years I get a little nauseous when I see Fall decorations, fake pumpkins, and stuff like that. All 3 of our kids are Spring babies so the Fall prior to their births I was sick. 

Plus, living in AZ where the leaves don't change until a week before Christmas... the combination of the two make me nauseous. 

I get so sad that my kids don't even know what Fall is! And that we can't carve pumpkins (well we can, but they mold two days later because it's so hot) and we sweat when we suffer the heatwave and go to a farm or "pumpkin path". You can't even grow pumpkins here... it's too hot. So they grow them somewhere else, ship them in, and spread them out in a field. 

This literally makes me want to cry :(

BUT Breckie did ask me if we could go to the "farm" and pick a pumpkin to put stickers on. So I guess (since she doesn't know the difference) she enjoys Fall and pumpkin decorating the AZ way. 

Here's to the season of baking pumpkin pie with the air-conditioning on, sweating while trick-or-treating, and melted candy!

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