Monday, September 19, 2016

Roxy Roo

Roxy is 4 months old. She's also covered in a super dry-skin type of rash. I think it's because she spits up or gets sweaty at night... so it's basically diaper rash all over her body. In her elbow creases and behind her knees, all over her tummy and back, and the worst under her chin/neck. She wears about 5 outfits a day to keep her clean and dry. Because she's ALWAYS spitting up. 

And I think she currently has a double ear infection. For a baby that hasn't reached for a toy yet, it's pretty obvious that they hurt when she grabs them. 

She loves sucking her thumb. And her hands. You can see the raw/redness on her other hand even. 

She a big fan of stroller rides, car rides, getting out of the house, and not staying still. She's not a fan of pictures. She really doesn't smile a ton either. I guess I wouldn't really be smiling if I were covered in a rash and my ears hurt. We're definitely headed to the doctor :)

It's common for people to tell us that our kids don't look like each other. And it's true. Everett and Breckie barely look like siblings and then here comes Roxy not really resembling either of them. 

She's totally the family baby though. I'm so glad she's ours!

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