Wednesday, October 12, 2016

California Adventure

We didn't even tell the kids we were going to Disneyland until 2 days before we left on the trip. Even that seemed like a tiny mistake! Everett was SO excited to go to Cars Land. 

So that was our first stop for the day. We had only heard good things about it... and it was cool!

The tractor ride was a big hit :)

I'm pretty sure the adults loved it as much as the kids!

We also spent a big chunk of time in Bugs Land. The kids loved it!

 Roxy was there too. She hung out with Grandma A LOT. Thanks Grandma!!

Everett was an expert map reader and loved navigating for us. 

Breckie and Grandma stood in line to ride the jumping jellyfish for like 20 minutes and then as soon as she was about to get on, the lady said she was too short (even though they measured her at the beginning of the line!!) and I was little bugged that they would do that to a 3 year old, so I asked for a pass to get to the front of the line to a ride she was tall enough to go on. So they gave us a pass to Toy Story Mania and it was one of the favorites. It was 3-D... no one even knew it existed!

That evening we saw the Frozen play... where Roxy pooped and we ran out of diapers and wipes. We are phenomenal parents!

We were able to take the kids on the Radiator Springs Racers one more time (where Breckie is magically tall enough for that one but not jumping jellyfish??!) and then the grandparents took the kids back home and Jake and I got to stay and play. (The Berners really are the best). 

Jake and I went over to Disneyland (where the rest of the world was, too). We could hardly move. Panic attacks were almost had :) but we found our way up into Tarzan's treehouse just to get away from the crowd.

We eventually made it onto Indiana Jones (which was WAY cool), star tours, space mountain, and the matterhorn twice in a row (where we're pretty sure we watched a guy have a real heart attack). 

At 11, when all the rides were closed and the turkey legs had been sold out for hours, we made our way home. Home for the week was a rented townhouse a 30 min walk down the road. We were so hungry and tired and dizzy. And then we came home to a clean, quiet house with pizza waiting for us on the table. Did I already say how nice Jake's parents are?!

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