Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day Trip To Sedona

October in the Phoenix valley is unanimously voted the worst month. 
The super sad thing is that it's pretty much the best month everywhere else. 
October is month 7 (in a row) of being really, really hot and everyone is done. 
Especially me. Because we have a baby and can't do anything. 
I should stop complaining about my wonderful life. 

Jake could sense my desperation to be in the mountains and see Fall colors. 

So he took Tuesday off (the last day of Fall break) and said we'd go on a day trip. 

I googled a few things and found that Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona had pretty Fall colors. 

I had more of an Aspen tree/real mountain kind of trip planned in my head but we hadn't been to Sedona yet so we went. 

It was REALLY pretty. 

*Roxy's mean face in the first picture cracks me up!

Getting to Sedona was quite the struggle. The pattern of traveling-with-young-kids continues. Crying, puking, mom wants to die, second guesses why she even has tries to "pursue (her) happiness", questions why life has to be so hard, wants to just turn around a go home... you get the idea. Oh, and our air conditioning is still broken so we were cursing our existence the whole way. 
Luckily we were only 10 minutes away from Sedona by then so I survived :)

I'd have to say it was worth it. 

We made it to Oak Creek Canyon and went for a walk back in there. 

*I told Breckie to give Everett a kiss :)

It was really pretty and the temperature was ideal. 

*Everett took a few of these pictures. 

There was a cabin/hotel type of thing (the remains anyway) and a few other cool things. 

Although I was hoping for an over abundance of Fall colors, it was nice to see what we did see. It was all so pretty and felt SO AMAZING to be outside and not want to die. I know I'm being dramatic about how hot it is (It's still in the 90-95's) but it's suffocating me this year for some reason.

I had heard that Sedona was really pretty so we brought the camera, clothes, and the tripod just in case. We found several great spots to take pictures and we got a few good ones. I didn't have super high hopes for self timer pictures with a baby (plus she was tired and crying the entire time) but one or two of them might make it on the wall... or in Christmas card. Who knows. 

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