Saturday, October 22, 2016

Legos At The Zoo

We were home for only a full day before Grammy came for a visit! We went to the Chandler mall one day, she cooked me shrimp tacos for my birthday dinner one night, and she took us to the zoo one day. 

There were tons of Lego animals all over the zoo which was so cool. I think we gawked over the Legos more than the animals! At least I did. And I think I might have just as many Lego pictures as real life animal pictures :)

Each sculpture said how many Legos and hours it took to build. We did the math on some of them and it took months of working everyday for 8 hours/day. I like Legos, but that might slay me!

It was a little warm... what I mean is that we were all super HOT and wishing we were eating ice cream or swimming in a cold pool but it was still bearable... and we had fun. 

My co-pilot navigation skills going to and from the zoo were a little sub-par but we managed :)

We're glad Grammy came for a visit! We had 2.5 weeks of Fall break so it was nice to spend the time doing cool stuff. 

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