Friday, October 28, 2016

Marilyn Monroe = My Celebrity Twin

Late last night Julia sent me a link for a personality quiz. 
So I took it and the results had me laughing. 

That's weird.  

But I read the description and suddenly my personality was summed up in one quote from Marilyn Monroe!
Embarrassingly true. 

Now, I'm not going to base my personality around some online quiz, but there is a lot of truth to it and the timing of this quiz is ironic. 

Not long ago I had one of those bi-annual breakdowns. They happen to everyone; I assume. 
I was telling Jake that I just want to be everyone. 
He asked me what I meant and I had to try my best to explain that I don't want to be them, but I just want to be them. 
I want to climb all the tall mountains like them, do triathlons like them, be fashionable like them, be a cook like them, be a photographer like them, be crafty like them, have hair like them, have a house like them, be stupid fit like them, be a mountain biker like them... you get the point. 

Ha. The identity trait... so true, so true. 

If you've been listening to/reading any of my whining lately (which has been excessive... ) it's been obvious that late August-October weather has been killing me. 
It seems like it's getting so pleasant everywhere but here it's still so hot. I'M JUST SO BORED OF BEING HOT!
 (We decided months ago that I need to live somewhere with seasons. Like 4 real seasons. Not 7 months of living on the sun, 2 weeks of Fall (in December), 1 month of "Winter", and 3.5 months of Spring.)

So seeing the Fall colors all over Instagram has been really, really hard. 
I want to be there to see them for myself. I want to live there. I want to move there.  
One of the explanations of my personality quiz results said:

I was like yes. 
Yes, that is exactly me. 
I HATE feeling left out. 
I want to be doing everything that everyone else is doing. 

I've realized just how poisonous social media is for me. 
It's like voluntarily eating anxiety and unhappy pills. 
I already know Pinterest isn't really "real". 
Facebook is Facebook (I've never been a big fan)
But Instagram. 
I only follow people I know. My friends. 
But I have some pretty legit friends (that live in pretty places) and they're really cool and I want to be really cool just like them. (I actually had to unfollow a few friends because my jealousy was getting the best of me.)
I also know that we only share stuff that we want to share. Good and bad. But still. 
I don't want to feel "boxed in" by my (wonderful) life and feel like I'm not able to "join my friends" because of it. I'm learning how to be happy for someone without wishing I were them. 

My other weaknesses are:

Easily bored. YES. 
Within the last 3 months, Jake and I have decided that I have 'Adult ADD'. 
We'll probably never live in the same house for more than 10 years, I can't watch a movie twice, and I must go on as much vacation as possible (preferable NOT to the same spot every time).

Conflict-Averse... I think "Peacemaker" is a better term :) And I've always been entirely too sensitive. 

Unfocused... now more than ever but I felt like I was a pretty good long term planner. But I keep changing the plan so it pretty much is useless. "Things come as they come" has never been more accurate... (remember Jake is our vacation planner...)

And I can't tell you how accurately 'conversations about "The past and the future, the sciences and politics, and long-term plans and commitments are all routinely ignored..."' YES YES YES. This is the only thing I know about this years election: 

This personality quiz was pretty legit. I'd like to believe the part on being parents applies to me. 

I've always known that discipline is not my strongest suit but I think it's BECAUSE I'm trying to prevent my children from the suffering and same hurt.
I'd like to think I'll be immune from the 'contention through the teenage years' part but I'm sure it's just wishful thinking. 

This is helpful if I need career ideas :)

When I was a kid, my favorite shows were Unsolved Mysteries and Rescue 911. 
I would stay up late to watch them (thanks mom :) 
When I got into high school, I considered/researched a career as a EMT or paramedic so it was kind-of fun to read this:

But I came to the conclusion that if I wasn't able to think or act fast enough and someone died that I wouldn't be able to get over it... so the next semester I took fashion design and interior design classes. Oh the irony. 

I thought his next part was also true. 

I am confident that I would find personality traits that fit me within all 16 personalities in this quiz, but I still thought it was fun and also a little nice to read about my strengths and weaknesses... especially the ones that are already so prominent in my life. 

I skipped over some of the negative aspects of the Entertainer personality. 
Like how they are always bouncing from one friend or partner to the next... which thankfully isn't true. Jake and Julia are my bread and butter and I wouldn't trade them for the next/new exciting spouse or friend out there. 

I'm well aware of my faults (and clearly I get defensive when others confront me about them) but I'm learning more about myself everyday and I'm finding ways to overcome some of my faults. 

But as for the 7 months of living on the sun... lets just say it's almost Hell-o-ween. 
(I can't take credit for that last word... I heard in on the radio today :)

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  1. Tyrell I just love you and how real you are. I feel the same way too! I wish I had a rockin hot body and my house was decorated at least a little bit cute and and and.... You are such a sweet person don't change who you are! Dennis was just saying how much he can't stand the rain.... Maybe we should how swap sometime and then we can all be happy :)