Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rox Box Is 5 Months

Rox Box and Rocky are a just a couple of Roxy's nicknames. Breckie prefers to call her Roxy Roo :)

I'm guessing she's pretty textbook... at her 4 month checkup she was 50% for everything. 

She likes to be held, paid attention too, she's a messy bottle drinker, wakes up 1.75 times a night on average, is easily constipated (surprise), wants to grab everything, has eczema, and she's starting to scratch her belly.

She's also pretty serious most of the time. In fact, she's only laughed a few time... ever. 

Of course we love our baby Roxy! Couldn't live without her. Everett couldn't live without her too. Those two have a special bond :)

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