Monday, October 24, 2016

Self-timer Pictures In Sedona

I only have a kit lens and a portrait lens (neither are great for family pics) but we try our best :) The first picture is one of my favorites even though Roxy is yelling and Breckie isn't smiling... it's just pretty!

After like 20 pictures and Breckie wasn't smiling in any of them, we asked her why and she said she was. When we showed her what her "smile" looked like she told us she didn't know how to smile. But then she gave us one good one!

GASP! We are all looking AND Breckie is smiling:

We don't have a remote or anything... we just push the button on the camera and then run to our spot and smile. That's probably why they are all standing pictures. But this one time Jake pushed the button and fell running back to his spot. It was perfect!

I think my camera is on the tail end of it's existence. We all look vampirish and SO many of the pictures were super blurry. But for now we got some pretty pictures to smile at for the next few months. 

Roxy eventually went to sleep. 

On the way home we stopped by the world's slowest Wendy's and then I got to snuggle sleeping Roxy almost the entire way home. It was sweet :)

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