Friday, October 14, 2016

Stingray Bay

Wednesday... oh wednesday. 

We decided to break up the theme park fun by going to the beach one day. It was quite the day. 

I took the kids swimming for the first part of the day while Jake and his parents packed the picnic food, sand toys, chairs, kites, and everything else we could possibly need for the beach. It ended up being a ton of stuff.  

But back to swimming...

The community pool was just down the sidewalk from our rented townhouse.

The kids had a lot of fun and it's nice that Everett can stay afloat without constant supervision.  

After swimming, there was still more to get ready, pack, or buy from the store (plus Roxy was taking an insane nap) so everyone went to the store while Breckie and I played outside, found a cat and fed it ham :)

We EVENTUALLY made it to the beach. Like at 3:30 pm eventually. And then finding a parking spot and unloading... 

We finally got there and Everett didn't even wait to put on his suit! He just got right in and started playing. 

There were lots of kiteboarders and Jake was excited to get in and try it out. Mexico was a lot of fun for him and he was looking forward to getting more practice... so he wasted no time and got right in. 

Less than 5 minutes later he had cut his food and was bleeding. He said it hurt really bad, I kind-of tossed a wet wipe to him... thankfully his mom was there to provide proper care and support (my bedside manner needs major improvement). She helped rinse his foot in clean, cool water. 

He said it hurt pretty bad and was going to be done with his kite so we started wrapping his kite up... and then the pain just got worse and worse and he thought he'd cut a nerve in his foot or something. 

Slight panic ensued and after changing the kids, packing everything up and hauling it all back to the car... we were headed to the nearest urgent care. 

Jake felt like dying. 

He was going through the equivalent of labor pains in my opinion (based on his body language and facial expressions)

After he checked in to the urgent care, I googled stingray stings on his phone and we figured out that was exactly what happened. 

Hours, 7 buckets of HOT soapy water, 3 shots, and 3 prescriptions later, we were headed back to the rented townhouse. Again, his parents saved the day and had taken the kids home, bathed them, did the laundry, and cooked dinner. 

I was upset (even though Jake OBVIOUSLY!!! didn't mean/know/want to get stung by a stingray) because it was like a whole (expensively) wasted day of vacation and no one even really got to play or rest or enjoy the beach and this is the 3rd vacation we've taken to the beach partly or completely for him to pursue his desire/hobby/sport of kiteboarding. 

(I'm aware that I'm a terrible person)

It was so much work just to get there, we were there for 5 minutes, and then spent a whole bunch of money and x-rays for an accident. Oh well. Life goes on... and things could have been much worse!

That night, he threw up. 

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