Sunday, November 27, 2016

Everett Version 6.5

Everett. He's our lazy smart kid. So opposite of his parents. 

He's in advanced reading... and spelling, pretty average at math but we still haven't played a sport, tied our shoes, done the monkey bars... heck, we're still working on walking up the stairs without an incentive 🙈

We have no idea why or how he's so smart. Jake and I were the kids that would rather run the mile in P.E. everyday than have to read out loud. 

I feel like I try everything to help him be active. Raising Everett has been everything but easy and I'm starting to think I try too hard or care too much or something. Everett is Everett and there's only so much I can do. 

And lets be honest... unless he turns out to be an olympian or a personal trainer or something, it's better that he's got the brains... although I think Jake and I turned out okay 😆

He likes to win, he's always changing rules to the game (so that he can win), eats a string cheese every night before bed, reads books to Breckie at night, likes to play with Roxy, and never does his homework until I'm about to cry (out of frustration) and threaten to give him to the neighbors.

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