Friday, November 4, 2016

Girls Lunch Out

Breckie has been SUPER persuasive about going out for lunch lately. 

It started with IHOP. 

We got the regular. Country omelet and a stack of pancakes with strawberry syrup. 

Then there's IN-N-OUT. 


I'm actually not sure if you're allowed to go to IN-N-OUT without taking a picture :)

Life with Breckie is just too good sometimes!

The lunch dates continue... Costco. 

Pizza, of course. Breckie waffles between pepperoni and combo (she has very grown up taste :)
Smoothie. Everytime. Sometimes she drinks half of it. Sometimes she drinks a quarter inch of it. 
And if she's lucky, I'll get her a cheerio (churro)

And in return I get to look at these cute faces in the bean aisle.

Lunch dates are always pretty fun... I might have to take us to Cafe Rio for taco Tuesday one of these days!

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