Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Raynauds Disease

Roxy continues to be a mini me on every level. 

I have an older brother and sister just like Roxy. In the same order. 
I was a pound lighter than them at birth... just like Roxy.
I was the easiest child for my mom to birth. Just like Roxy
My bother had a pacifier, my sister had nothing, and I sucked my finger. 
Everett had a pacifier, Breckie had nothing, Roxy sucks her thumb. 
Once it finally started to cool off Roxy's hands and feel have been turning purple and are cold. 
Just like mine. 

In high school my doctor diagnosed me with Raynauds Disease. 
Basically your hands and feet overreact to the cold and your blood vessels narrow and restrict blood flow to your hands and feet. It's not serious and the only thing you can do is wear lots of clothes and stay warm. Too bad it was 85 degrees in those pictures. A true Arizona baby. 

We went and bought her winter clothes and try to keep her warm, but her hands and feet are always cold... just like mine. 

I was the easiest kid to raise... so I'm hopeful Roxy will be too!

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