Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ride Ride Ride

I went road biking the other morning... judging by the way my hair looks, it was the morning after trunk-or-treat... and I went on part of a new road they just finished paving. I found a gorgeously landscaped neighborhood that I need to live in now. 

As soon as you pull into the neighborhood it had a beautiful park/field with the best mountain views behind it and tall trees everywhere. It's like a decade out of our price range but I'm a big dreamer :)

 And it would be wrong if I never blogged about the time Julia came mountain biking with me... even if it was like two months ago!

Maybe I live in that world where it didn't happen if you don't take a picture of it :) 

Also when my mom was here for fall break Jake and I snuck out one morning and went for a road ride. I took him on one of the best, but bumpiest, rides... out on Brenner Pass. 

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