Saturday, November 19, 2016

The First Half

Jake and Everett were out painting the neighborhood fire hydrants (scout service project) this morning so it was just me and my girls. 

This time of year is really dreamy. It finally cools down in the mornings and the sun comes pouring in the windows and it's warm in the afternoons and it's perfect. Just perfect. 

As soon as Roxy woke up it was picture time. 

Because she is six months old. 

She likes to roll around, chew on things, be held, cry a lot, jabbers a little, likes to move her tongue around, and is getting the hang of holding her bottle. 

She is our first baby to actually roll across the carpet. I'd heard of babies doing it but it's fun to actually see her in a different part of the living room from where I left her. 

Everett got home just in time to take a few pictures with Roxy. He loooooves her so much. They have such a cute relationship. 

Breckie, on the other hand, has not warmed up to Roxy yet. In fact, she drew a picture of the family with the babysitter last night and she was very specific to tell us that Roxy was not in the picture. But I'm the opposite... I've been waiting years to have all 5 of us in one picture. It was never complete without Roxy!

Some days it feels like we've been in survival mode for so long that it seems like this is just the way life will be for a while. And then I remember how fast babies grow up and I try to enjoy and capture the good moments. 

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