Monday, December 19, 2016

7 Months Of Expressions

A few days ago Roxy learned to sit up. Well, really it's more like she learned how to not fall over... which was super nice for monthly pictures! 

I feel like I took 400 picture just to get what I had in mind. I wanted one of those big, goofy baby smiles. 

And we got some!

She is a really great baby. She's getting one of her bottom teeth and there hasn't been an unbearable moment. Plenty of uncomfortable times and plenty "hold me or die" days, but for the most part she's great. 

She likes Everett and I the most :) She's starting to cry when I walk out of the room. 

She's only 14 pounds but somehow she has a double chin. 

She's had baby food just a handful of times. 
She still wakes up at night to eat (thankfully Jake gets up). 

She rolls and scoots and turns circles and can get around pretty good... no crawling yet. 

She squeals and blows spit bubbles and we love every single ounce of her!

We especially love her facial expressions and funny pictures :)

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