Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Blogbooks, Photobooks, Chatbooks...

A friend of mine kind-of chuckled when I mentioned my blog. I think it's because she is part of the population that once had a family blog like me but abandoned it long ago for much cooler and more convienient ways to preserve family memories and pictures. 

But yes, I still blog.

I've gotten behind a lot lately but I just backdate stuff until I get caught up. I refuse to get so far behind that I just stop blogging altogether. 

I still haven't printed a single year of the blog into a book. I know I need to do something but it would take over a thousand dollars to print the last 7.5 years into books. And that's a lot of money. But I've spent ten times that in hours blogging... so I know it'll be worth it. 


Put it on my tab. 

I have coupons for two free 8x8 photo books from Shutterfly. I started making one of Roxy's birth photos and story and I really, really like it. Way better than just a blog post. 

So I'm going to make the other photo book into her birth-6 month photos. 

I'd also like to do chatbooks like the rest of the world because that seems like a fun way for the kids (and us) to look through memories over the years but I don't want to over post pictures on Instagram...

So Jake made me a separate Instagram account that I'm going to post all the stuff I want in books... and the stuff that's cool enough I'll post on both accounts. 

When I showed Jake the Shutterfly book I made, he really, really liked it and commented on how it would be cool to have a book like that for every major event/vacation. I found on Costco.com they have really nice, big (12x12), flat-lay, photobooks for a fraction of what it costs on Shutterfly. Plus they only take 5 days and there isn't shipping to pay for. 

Since I've only ever printed pictures to hang in our house and nothing else, it's probably time I start doing something before I get even farther behind! But I want it to look uniform and not have 30 different varieties of books and albums...

So I think I've decided to start doing the chatbooks on the family account and make the big photobooks of vacations and specific things and just let the blog be online. 

But I know that someday, when there is a better option for printing blog books (and we have extra money 😂😂😂) I'll print the blog too. 

So, yes. I still blog. And I guess I always will as long as it exists. It's very much a part of me. I do it for me and it gives my pictures purpose, lol!

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