Thursday, December 15, 2016

Everett's Writing Portfolio

Everett's recent "cottage night" still has me smiling. 

They learned a lot about pilgrims, Christopher Columbus, the Mayflower, etc. Here he is reading me his pilgrim "dairy" (diary 😂)

While we were in his classroom, we got to look through his writing portfolio. It's the best thing ever and the drawings are 👌

*😍😍 that ant-man cake drawing is so good and his "uncls" home actually has that facade and the car with us inside 😍

*Then my dad catched a brown fish it was ENORMOUS.

*that fish 😆 and I LOVE the Native American drawings. 

*That duck is 👌 and the minion car lego drawing is so accurate!

I don't love living so far away from family but I feel like it's ok when I read these stories. They're all about when family comes to see us or when we go and see them. It obviously makes for the best memories and stories.

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